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    humanworks is proud to announce our newly published book, The Well Teacher.  We are dedicated to helping educators be well at work.

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What we do

We help individuals and organizations develop sustainable and durable work lives, and productive environments. We help people get to work and stay at work while maintaining healthy lifestyles away from work.

Who we serve

We support a variety of referral partners in the public and private sectors to keep employees successful and productive in the workplace. We use a host of interventions and strategic alliances with our numerous stakeholders who share this common responsibility and purpose.

Who we are

We are a collective of professional individuals with diverse educational backgrounds, training, work life experiences, and personal expertise. We are motivated to improve the well-being and work lives of the many individuals and organizations we are privileged to work with. We find our work meaningful and most rewarding.


  • “Working with humanworks on our Employee Engagement Survey was a very positive experience.  Jack and his team earned credibility with our partner groups through a thoughtfully designed consultation process.  They were willing to work with the district in ensuring open and effective communication and understanding about the importance of our Engagement Survey.  Finally, they were able to effectively translate this feedback into meaningful, measurable survey questions.  We found that humanworks were very thoughtful and responsive in all of our interactions.”
    Scott Stanley
    Director of Human Resources
    North Vancouver School District #44
  • “We are pleased to note our complete satisfaction with the level of professional services provided to us by Jack MacNeill and the humanworks group.  This is a team with a high level of integrity and strong human values.  The humanworks group visited us in our facility in Melbourne, Australia.  We were suffering from several decades of legacy management styles.  Team morale was at a low and the working unit was relatively dysfunctional.  Jack took control from the moment he arrived.  He did independent interviews with all employees and a complete cultural evaluation.  By having the humanworks group on site, this alone provided the avenue to establish new relationships between the management team and a wide range of legacy employees.
    I feel the cultural report provided by humanworks is one that is the cornerstone from which we are beginning to rebuild our corporate culture.  It has been one year since we received our cultural report and the morale and productivity of our team is one which we have not experienced in the past and I can only see it improving in to the future with humanworks‘ ongoing support.
    I highly recommend to anyone who is considering improving their corporate culture to take the time and meet with Jack and the humanworks group.  You will not be disappointed.”
    Robert Heavyside
    Medmont Pty Ltd.
  • “I have worked directly with Jack over the past four years and we have shared some highly complex/severe cases.  Regardless of the presentation, Jack has an innate ability to connect with people and provide effective support with his strong clinical skills.  This is complimented by the way in which he identifies the cultural nuances within organizations in order to negotiate barriers and maximize return to work success/durability.  In terms of his own organization, Jack is an exceptional leader who inspires those around him.  All of the consultants at humanworks are outstanding.  I admire Jack’s ability to foster relationships that are mutually beneficial and rewarding.”
    Dr. Andrew Miki
    Founder & CEO
    Starling Minds Inc.
  • “Congratulations to Jack MacNeill and the staff at humanworks on the launch of their new corporate venture.  Over the last ten years Jack and his highly skilled team of consultants have provided support to teachers as they navigate the return to work process.  We are very excited to continue partnering with humanworks in offering a quality service to our members.”
    Michael Kimmis
    Director, Income Security Division
    BC Teachers’ Federation

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