We are not currently hiring, but please visit this page for updates.


Working with us
At humanworks, our people and their commitment to quality work is our strongest asset. Our emphasis is on improving the wellness of our clients, while supporting our team to grow and reach both their professional and personal goals.

How we hire
We want to learn about the whole person, including their values, in order to discover what they can bring to the company. We look for employees who have a desire to learn and grow, and are excited to share their ideas with us

What we do
We help individuals and organizations develop sustainable and durable work lives, and productive work environments. We help people get to work and stay at work while maintaining healthy lifestyles away from work.

Who we serve
We support a variety of referral partners in the public and private sectors to keep employees successful and productive in the workplace. We use a variety of interventions and strategic alliances with our numerous stakeholders who share their common responsibility and purpose.

Who we are
We are a collective of professional individuals with diverse educational backgrounds, training, work life experiences, and personal expertise. We are motivated to improve the well-being and work lives of the many individuals and organizations we are privileged to work with. We find our work meaningful and very rewarding.