Christy de Bulnes, MEd (Couns. Psych – Voc. Rehab), RCC

Rehabilitation Consultant
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Christy is a rehabilitation consultant for humanworks. She has 10 plus years experience working within a provincial school district as an educator. Her experience at both the school and district levels guided her to complete a M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology with a specialization in Vocational Rehabilitation from UBC and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor. Her research focused on teachers return to work (RTW) as a determinant of overall well-being. Christy brings a person-centered approach to understanding her clients and guiding their RTW plans. She values educators and the immense role they play in shaping our children, while understanding the demands of the occupation.

Christy is active in her community and is a board member of the Langley chapter of Big Brothers and Big Sisters. She loves spending time with family and friends, exploring nature, walking her dog, reading, exercising, and helping others. Her sense of humour and flexible nature helps her balance her husband, four kids and aging parents.