Zorana Nairon, BSc, MOT

Occupational Therapist / Rehabilitation Consultant
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Zorana is an occupational therapist and rehabilitation consultant for humanworks. Zorana’s role is to oversee and guide rehabilitation for teachers within the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation in order to be able to return to work or maintain durability at work. She also completes ergonomic assessments for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and has taught ergonomic training seminars for CRA employees. Additionally, Zorana’s ergonomic reports and risk factor assessment reports have been accepted as expert evidence in Worker’s Compensation Appeals tribunals.

Zorana’s previous work experience includes working as an occupational therapist in an Occupational Rehabilitation 2 (OR2) program and she has experience working as an acute care occupational therapist.

Zorana has worked in this field since 2006 and holds a Bachelor of Sciences Degree from Simon Fraser University and a Master of Occupational Therapy Degree from the University of British Columbia. She also completed the Functional Capacity Evaluation Certification Program in 2007.

In addition to work, Zorana enjoys skiing, running half marathons, travelling the world and cooking.