School District Engagement Initiative (SDEI)

humanworks is pleased to offer public school districts the School District Engagement Initiative (SDEI), an innovative program that has been designed specifically for the public education sector to deliver in-depth information about the status of workplace engagement and to help inform strategic decision-making processes.  Using a variety of key metrics, SDEI provides detailed, actionable data that enables school districts to implement tailor-made solutions that will help increase employee engagement and enhance organizational culture.

what is Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to an organization and its goals.  Engagement speaks to the employee’s connection to the employer and the work they are collectively committed to accomplishing.

To fully capture the complexity of what it means to be an engaged employee, we use a combination of 10 key metrics touching on the various aspects of healthy workplace culture:

Commitment to excellence
Teamwork + cooperation
Roles + expectations
Tools + resources
Feedback mechanisms
Wellness programming + supports
Development opportunities
Positive employer trends

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SDEI can help you build a better workplace culture

  • Engage and invest in a culture of success.

  • Get an impartial and objective measurement of workplace health and engagement levels across all employment groups.

  • Use the rich data to develop a targeted, strategic action plan to optimize organizational health.

why humanworks?

Personalized:  we offer in-person and remote support to address your specific organizational needs.

100% Confidential:  we have an established partnership with a trusted Canadian survey provider.

Online:  our survey platform offers full online integration and email compatibility.

Data + Reporting:  we provide detailed qualitative and quantitative reports to suit your needs.

Local: We have 20+ years experience delivering wellness programming across BC’s public education sector.


Please contact:

Jack MacNeill
President & SDEI Manager
Phone: 604-880-4323