Organizational Leadership + Consulting

Thriving organizations have cultures that promote healthy professional relationships and the ability to balance competing demands. humanworks provides services that help individuals and organizations build and maintain strong work relationships and individual practices that assist in the development of organizational cultures that realize company goals and bring corporate values to life.

Training and development

humanworks has focused on developing training and development initiatives that strive to create greater individual and organizational resiliency and sustainability. By focusing on the individual and organizational barriers to realizing healthier and more vibrant relational dynamics, employees and their companies benefit from greater engagement, improved productivity and more durable organizational retention. We have realized that if companies have recruited the people they feel will best realize the organization’s goals, then ensuring they work well and well together is a critical factor in realizing this potential. Our work helps individuals and organizations understand what barriers and cultural nuances stand in the way of this goal and how to best address them in efforts to create a vibrant organizational culture.

Tools used in this process include:

Organizational culture audits / surveys
Organizational culture-shaping activities
Management culture strategy development
Organizational guiding principles development
Organizational experiential learning activities


Through our years with working with professionals and professional associations, we have come to understand the importance of individual and organizational health and wellness. humanworks has developed a number of workshops from half-day engagements to multi-week facilitated closed-group sessions. The focus of our workshops typically centres around the development and understanding of what an individual can do to enhance their personal health and wellness while nurturing an organizational effort to improve the health and well-being of employees and the organization as a whole. Our facilitators have years of experience working with individuals and companies on improving one’s ability to work well and live well in the never-ending challenge of developing greater work-life balance. By taking personal ownership for one’s role in their health and the environment they work in, people feel a greater sense of vitality and stability through the creation of a work environment that reflects their personal goals and values.

Workshops include:

Working Well – these offerings can be customized to working with group sizes as large as 40 to 50 people over one to two days. Participants will be provided with contemporary information and strategies that help improve one’s ability to better balance work-life demands. Individuals will be provided the opportunity to develop their own personal health and wellness plan.

Working Well Togetherthese offerings typically are closed groups (up to 20 participants) that run from four to six consecutive to ongoing weekly/monthly contact. The focus of these workshops centres around the systemic issues the particular closed group is challenged with and individually and collectively how the working group can best tackle these challenges. Individuals within the group will develop enhanced personal health and wellness plans and identify and contribute to the overarching goals of the group’s efforts to improve the efficacy and vibrancy of the cultures they are working within.

Coaching / Guiding

humanworks offers one-to-one coaching and guiding services to individuals that are in need of or seeking greater insight and awareness around their ability to work well and well with others. Too often, good employees / managers lack the awareness to understand their own obstacles and way of being that detracts from being an effective employee, co-worker or leader. Through an in-depth dialogical approach, individuals gain greater insight and awareness that will enhance their work effectiveness and more productive and durable relationships with their colleagues. Through an honest, pragmatic approach, individuals are able to “hear” critical feedback that can enhance their practice and improve their professional relationships.