Vocational Rehabilitation

humanworks provides industry leading vocational rehabilitation services. Our rehabilitation consultants work with insurers to ensure claimants throughout BC are supported during the recovery process of their illness/injury and accessing appropriate rehabilitation services. We then work with stakeholders to coordinate all aspects of return to work, monitoring the process to successful completion of the claim. If the claimant is not job attached, we problem solve ways to increase employability and we provide education so the claimant has the skills required for a successful job search.


Wellness planning:

Improving wellness is the first step towards increasing function and return to work.  We work with our clients and their support teams to assist with improving wellness and work readiness, and ensure they have a plan to maintain their wellness as they transition back to work.

Return to work planning:

No “cookie-cutter” return to work plans here. Our rehabilitation consultants work with all relevant stakeholders to ensure return to work plans are individualized and take into account the needs of everyone involved in order to ensure success with the return to work process.

Resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills education:

We provide the templates, but the goal is for clients to have the skills to amend their resume, cover letters, and interviews based on the specific jobs they are considering.

Job search skill development and assistance:

We empower our clients with the tools and information they need so they have the skills to secure their own employment.

Transferable skills assessment (TSA):

Tailored to the individual, our TSA’s are the most thorough and specific available.  Included in the TSA is a summary of the client’s skills, a break down of their past employment skills and aptitudes, and meaningful work options including current labour market information.

Labour market research:

Sometime all that is needed is a review of current labour market information when considering a client’s employment options.  Our labour market information is always up-to-date, individualized, and involves not just information from the internet but actual contact with employers.

Worksite assessment:

There are numerous reasons why a worksite assessment may be helpful as part of the vocational rehabilitation process.  Regardless of the reason, we can provide the information needed to improve return to work success as well as function and safety in the workplace.

Job demands analysis:

Our job demands analysis will give our clients all the information they need regarding the physical, cognitive, and environmental aspects of the work they and their company performs.